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  • Aussie lovers test, save and spice up their relationships with travel

    New research by lastminute.com.au reveals Australian’s romantic interests, whether people are single or in a relationship, plays a significant role in deciding whether to book a holiday; and in many cases seeking love & romance is the sole reason for travel.

    The lastminute.com.au ‘Holiday Lovers’ research found that many people choose destinations based on their ability to ‘pick-up’ a holiday fling. At the other end of the spectrum, others book last minute escapes to save a relationship that’s ‘on the rocks’.

    For some couples, the opportunity to encourage more ‘action’ in the bedroom and finding a way to get out of the ‘dog-house’ also contributes to people pursuing a cheeky holiday or weekend away. 

    The lastminute.com.au Holiday Lovers Research revealed the following relationship trends:

    The save-cation: the holiday to rescue a relationship on the rocks**

    Over one in five (22%) Australians have taken a holiday at the last minute to save a relationship on the rocks, according to lastminute.com.au. Of those who have taken a save-cation, over half (51%) said the holiday rekindled the romance and as a result, they are still together.

    Dating and Relationship Expert and Sexologist, Dr Nikki Goldstein believes that a save-cation is the perfect chance to figure out what you want out of your relationship, regardless of if it works out or not.

    “Whether you stay together or things don't work out, sometimes space away from reality and your busy life can help you gain perspective on your relationship without interference, stress or anxiety”.  

    The lastminute.com.au research also revealed travel can ‘save’ couples in less drastic ways, with more than 200,000*** Aussies saying they have booked a surprise holiday or weekend away for their partner - after being in the ‘dog house’ and needing to do something to make up for it. 

    The test-cation: The ‘how much will you annoy me’ holiday*   

    According to the lastminute.com.au research, over one in four (26%) Aussies have consciously gone on a holiday to 'test' the strength of their relationship.

    Dr Nikki Goldstein thinks it’s a good idea for couples to assess their compatibility through travel, especially in the early stages.

    “Whilst in day-to-day life most people don’t spend 100% of their time with their partner, there might be periods in your relationships where you will be together 24/7 and it's good to know if you can both stay sane.

    “Travel can sometimes also require problem solving and working things out together and what better way to test those skills then on holidays”.

    The research also revealed that of the loved up Aussies, 15% worry that they will get on their partners’, or that their partner will get on their, nerves more than usual while they are on holidays together – as compared to when they are at home.

    The spice-cation: The keeping the spark alive holiday* 

    The lastminute.com.au research identified almost three quarters (74%) of Australian couples go on a romantic holiday or weekend away once every six months or more. Married couples are the least likely to go away to spice up their relationship on a regular basis, followed by defactos and couples not living together.

    Over one in two Aussies (58%) believe one of the best things about going away with their significant other is bringing ‘spark’ to the relationship. While over one in three couples (35%) consider it’s more intimate time in the ‘bedroom’.

    According to Dr Nikki Goldstein, it’s incredibly important for couples to escape from their day to day life for some alone time outside of the usual setting.

    Bedrooms can house negative or stressful emotions. Especially for couples with children, given it’s normally the only place they have any privacy to talk and sometimes even argue.

    “Going away to a neutral space can really help both partners relax and focus on trying new things or reigniting passion. A couple might even feel freer in a bedroom that does not remind them of their usual every day lives”. 

    The fling-cation: the holiday flings which turns into wedding bling*  

    According to the lastminute.com.au Holiday Lovers research, one in six (16%) Aussies have chosen a particular holiday destination specifically based on the potential to have a fling there. Of those more than two thirds (70%) were successful.

    Dr Nikki Goldsteinsays, “A holiday fling can be good for the soul. It's a space where judgments are minimal and inner desires can come to life, a feeling often not experienced back home.

    “The holiday fling version of ourselves is often carefree, relaxed and that ‘ready to go with the flow’ person we often lose in our everyday lives.” 

    The research also identifies that holiday flings have the potential to turn into the real thing, with more than one in ten Aussies still going strong as a couple after meeting as holiday flings and 5% now married to their holiday fling.

    Plus, the lastminute.com.au research also reveals Australia’s love affair with Bali isn’t just about the Bintang and nasi goreng; with the destination scoring the number one international destination for Aussies looking for a holiday hook-up, while the Gold Coast is the number one domestic destination.

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    * Results according to lastminute.com.au’s 2015 ‘How do you live lastminute’ survey of 2600+ Australians.

    **Results according to lastminute.com.au’s 2015 ‘Travel and Lifestyle’ survey of 4100+ Australians.

    *** Figure based on 1% of people claiming to organise a surprise holiday after being in the dog house, according to the research: as a representation of the Australian population.