April 2015

Travel remains a priority for Australian consumers

According to a survey of 4100+ people by leading travel and lifestyle site lastminute.com.au, Aussie’s love affair with travel continues, with almost one in two Australians (44%) saying taking a holiday at least once a year is the one thing they will never scrimp on. Many are also reluctant to scrimp on weekend trips away (15%).

According to the 2015 survey of 4100+ people, Australian’s will never scrimp on: 

1.     Taking a holiday once a year – 44%

2.     Weekend trips away – 15%

3.     Going out for drinks with friends – 13%

People are, however, willing to make sacrifices on other lifestyle choices to fuel their desire to travel.

Get out of here: Travel is the best post breakup medicine

Forget drowning your sorrows in bed, watching sad movies and eating icecream, according to a survey of 4100+ Australians by lastminute.com.au one in four (25%) people have booked a last minute holiday following a relationship breakup; with most people choosing to travel solo and many returning home feeling empowered.

Of those who decided to take a sponataneous holiday to celebrate their new status, one in two (48%) took ‘time out’ and travelled solo, over one in three (35%) decided to enjoy a partying holiday with friends, 8% went to find a rebound romance, while just 3% decided to visit a yoga retreat.