British Airways flights on sale

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You'll be treated like royalty when you fly with British Airways. When it comes to in-flight entertainment, you've got heaps of movies, TV shows and games to choose from, as well as a few magazines to read. Fly economy or premium economy and you'll enjoy a delicious three course meal on long haul flights, as well as snacks and refreshments. If you choose to fly business class, you'll enjoy some extra perks like particularly mouth-watering meals, more legroom, lounge access and even flat beds on some flights. Of course, being a British airline, there's plenty of tea on offer and you can even have some scones with jam if you're flying in the afternoon.

Whether you're jetsetting to Africa, heading for Asia or flying to Europe, we've got you covered.

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British Airways

Cheap airfares on British Airways flights

If you have ever travelled on an international flight by British Airways, then you would know the meaning of value for money, safety and service: British Airways has been consistently voted as one of the best operating airlines in the world and has won many international airline awards.

British Airways international flight destinations

British Airways has international flights leaving to almost every country in the world. You could name almost any country in the world and find either a British Airways flight or code-sharing flight leaving for that country. British Airways enjoys a vast code-sharing operations network with other major international airlines such as Qantas.

Primarily based at Heathrow Airport in London, United Kingdom, British Airways has more international flights than national ones, and flies from London to all the major airport hubs of world. Even small countries like Azerbaijan, Gambia, Estonia and Mali have British Airways flights landing at their runway.

British Airways Frequent Flyer Benefits

British Airways' frequent flier program is called Executive Club, which offers great discounts to people who regularly fly British Airways. So if you are still hesitant about high price air-fares don't worry. You can also check out the British airways lounges which are in almost all prominent airports across the globe. If you have any impending queries on discount flights, baggage allowance or airline flights, all you need to is visit the British Airways website and easily find any answers you may have.

British Airways airline classes

With one of the largest airline fleets in the world, British Airways planes boast a huge variety of flying classes: First, Club World, Club Europe, World Traveller Plus, World Traveller, BA Connect, Euro Traveller and UK Domestic class. While all of the separate classes have been designed to suit different requirements from budget to first-class travel, BA's food and airline service across all airfare classes have received many flying awards over the past two decades.

British Airways holidays

Having consistently grown over the years, British Airways Holiday division (BA Holidays) offers a range of holiday package deals. These include short city breaks (usually to British or European cities such as Edinburgh or Paris) right through to international destinations such as the USA, Canada and tropical beach destinations in the Caribbean (Barbados, Bermuda, Bahamas etc) and the Middle East (Dubai, Oman, Abu Dhabi). Almost all BA holiday packages include cheap, discounted airfares and hotel accommodation packages.

Discount UK flights and travel packages with British Airways

If you're thinking of booking a holiday package to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland or even Europe, then British Airways offers some great holiday packages as well as car rental deals. So, book your British Airways flight or vacation package online now.